The Story - longboard stroller

Why I created the Longboard Buddy


My name is Aaron Bedessem. I’m the proud owner and creator of the Longboard Buddy.  

This project started over 3 years ago when I frequently skated past parents pushing strollers or pulling their kids in a bike trailer. I thought to myself, "There has got to be a more enjoyable way to travel with a little one". Fast forward to today, and I know I have the perfect product! 

I’ve always been an active and adventurous guy, so when I became a dad it was tough for me to transition to quieter more low-key pastimes with my daughter Adrielle. I tried using a jogging stroller, a bike seat, and a bike trailer; those all have the right idea, but Adrielle was so far away from me that she felt isolated. I needed to constantly stop to check on her, keep her calm, or just to talk with her because she was so bored. 

I needed a way to not only entertain my daughter, but to also let me keep part of my identity as a new dad. I have  always enjoyed snowboarding, skateboarding and longboarding, so I figured out a way to create the Longboard Buddy.


I tried launching the Longboard Buddy on Kickstarter and while it received great feedback and positivity, we did not reach our funding goal. I did learn a lot about the process and why a crowd funding path may not have been the best in the long run. I am currently working on securing a financial partner to continue the molding process to have these made for immediate purchase. Sign-up below to receive up to date information and to let us know if you want to purchase one of your own so we can plan on production.

First Ride


This is a picture of our first ride on the original Longboard Buddy.  A footrest was the first thing added to the second prototype. 

The Evolution


Here is the evolution for the first three prototypes.  The first one I created out of wood and the top of a 5 gallon bucket. I then worked with a local welder to make me the second and third prototype.  After I got the basics done, I then worked with Center for Advance Design to get the final design created.